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Working out is something that I consider a necessity in my life. Exercising has always helped me manage mental fatigue and improved my concentration but initially, I often found it hard to take that much physical fatigue. But with practice and high protein supplements, my threshold for exhaustion amplified. Nevertheless, now in my late 30s, I experienced the same excruciating fatigue and declining muscle health and this is why I resorted to using Testo XTRM, on my coach’s advice. I am detailing everything about the product and my experience here. Keep on reading to find out if and how it helped me.

testo xtrmWhat does it do?

This dietary formula heightens body’s metabolism rate and supplements it with required nourishment, improving natural testosterone along with strength of the body. It aims at strengthening

  1. Brain
  2. Muscle
  3. Male sex organ
  4. Bone Marrow
  5. Bone density

The main function of the supplement is to help the body counter the loss of testosterone which happens naturally due to

How effective is Testo XTRM?

Working out is intensive and takes a lot of hard work so at a certain point of age (late 30s), it becomes hard to work out that hard because the bones begin to deteriorate and so does the overall muscular ability. But even during the 20s, sometimes, it becomes very hard to go beyond one’s specific pain threshold so this supplement enables the exhaustion managing capacity of the body.

It utilizes natural ingredients that have been used in ancient medicines as well and this makes it one of the good supplements available in the market. If the testimonials of other users are to be believed, it indeed works well.

How does it work?

Tribulus Terrestris has steroidal saponins, flavonoids, alkanoids along with protodioscins content. This enables a higher proerectile effect via improvement in tissues and strengthened aphrodisiac action. Due to these, natural free testosterone development in body rises due to which

  1. Body gains stronger metabolic rate leading to higher percentage of fat being burned
  2. Increase in natural libido and sexual prowess along with amplification of the leanness and hardness of the muscle
  3. Improved ability to counter exhaustion with spurt in concentration
  4. Better erection, sexual experience


Testo XTRM Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris is the main ingredient used in addition to which antioxidants and minerals are used.

benefits of testo xtrm

Comparison with others

It is not easy to find a non-harming and good bodybuilding supplement. There are just too many products that promise too good to be true results and are pumped with creatine or steroids or similar derivatives. But they are not good in the long term and don’t do much for the muscle tissue development or testosterone.

I have a hostile perception of the creatine and steroid supplements because about a decade back, I fell for the marketing and ended up using them. But the results were miserable and I felt like a robot riding on steroids. However, since then, I have chosen the safer way and only used tested and approved supplements with mild ingredients. This testosterone booster is one of the good, mild supplements which doesn’t result in any short term or long term side effects.


Testo XTRM Side Effects

I always took my dosage as per recommended instructions and never face any adverse consequences. But those users taking excessive pills without instructions should be wary of it and avoid taking this course of action.

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1 pill is to be taken a day with a meal with a glass of water. Basic diet doesn’t need to be changed but if you are eating too much of takeaways, try changing to occasional veggies and protein rich foods. Also, keep a regular exercise routine.


Does Testo XTRM Really Work?

This is really good at all that it promises. I never thought that the testosterone issues will affect me…I had always had a healthy lifestyle but certain biological facts are inevitable. So, when a few years back, I noticed that my growing age was taking a toll on my personal life, stamina, I was first in denial but with consultation with my physician and on my coach’s recommendation, I began using this supplement. Frankly, I am glad that I made this decision because it happened at the right time! I don’t feel too tired or old even though, technically I am old (42!).


Things about it that you should know

Users with cardiac issues or those who are/have been on medication should consult with physicians regarding the dosage. Also, this is not for anyone under the age of 18 years.

Overdose (more than 2 pills a day) is to be avoided strongly and consumption of Trans fats (excessive fast food) should be lowered by the user.



  1. No sugar or empty calories or fillers-binders
  2. Has a multi functional approach
  3. Zero side effect formula
  4. Approved, clinically tested and is wholly natural
  5. Is developed to cater to both sexual and muscular fitness
  6. Easy to use pills
  7. No dietary changes are needed
  8. Enables better workout with regular dosage



Tribulus Terrestris is the only ingredient that the formula provides any information on. It is surely effective but it would be good to see details on other Ingredients. Also, only USA based users can make the orders.


Where to Buy?


For USA based users, Testo XTRM offers E-order facility at its website. It is quite easy and fast and enables users to get their bottles shipped at their doorstep. Enrollment program will provide you with the 14 days risk free trial and after that, you will receive regular 30 days supply bottles every month.


Personal Experience

Being at this age, it became hard for me to be able to concentrate at work or work out as hard as I used to. In fact, my sex life was deteriorating because I was losing interest and also the prowess but this supplement has done wonders for me. It hasn’t been an overnight change but steady results have really made it easy for me work out like before and have better sex.

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