Can Testosterone Boosters Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. Men with ED find it hard to get an erection or to maintain it during a sexual activity. There can be many causes for an erectile dysfunction such as diabetes, heart problems, hormonal problems and so on. Though ED and low testosterone are linked to each other, but they are not the same. It is a myth that low testosterone level leads to ED. Erectile dysfunction is caused by lack of blood flow in the penis. Lack of blood flow in the penis is caused by many factors such as hardening of arteries, high blood pressure and cholesterol.


Effects Of Testosterone Levels On ED

Low level of testosterone may cause a man to lose interest in sex, feel tired and depressed, but low testosterone isn’t responsible for ED. Low testosterone level means your testes are not producing enough male hormone. Low level of testosterone can be one of the reasons of having ED but isn’t solely responsible for it.

Testosterone treatment might help your ED, but it’s not the best way to treat it. Men with normal testosterone levels do not need to take testo boosters. It has been also proven that men with low testosterone levels having ED as their only symptom can’t get relief from this treatment. You are more likely to have ED than lower T level. It is likely that 50% of males between 40-70 years of age can have ED and post 70 years of age the chances become higher.

Final Verdict

If you are having issues in getting a hard on then you may get testosterone therapy which shall increase your willingness to have sex, increase your size and strength. It may or may not help with your ED issue. However, it is better to get medical tests done and based on the reports you must take medication. In the morning the testosterone level is the highest. It is better to get a test done then. If your results show that your testosterone level is low then you must, without any inhibitions, take a testosterone-boosting supplement. If not, then you should take a drug exclusively for ED.

You can go for testosterone supplements as well. There are quite a few products in the market that increase your testosterone levels and help with erectile dysfunction as well. Some are natural and some are synthetic.


Testonemax is an all-natural testosterone booster formula with the benefits of male enhancement. The product helps increase the levels of testosterone in the body which, in turn, assists in building a man’s self-confidence. It further helps in getting back the lost youth and sexual cravings in men. This clinically proven supplement is made from natural ingredients under the supervision of experts making it 100% safe to use.

You can opt for some alternate ways of treating ED as well. An experiment conducted in 1990’s showed that 1/3rd of the men with ED, when given acupuncture treatment had longer, stronger and harder erections. It has also been proven that consuming placebo pills help in treatment with ED. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising, quitting smoking and alcohol also help with ED.